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Orbio Technologies from Tennant Company

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Contact: Kate Hanna
Phone: 612.222.7502


Orbio Technologies from Tennant Company
4232 Park Glen Road
Minneapolis MN 55416
United States

The Orbio® 5000-Sc produces a ready-to-use, multi-surface cleaning solution on site at your location. With Orbio Multi-Surface Cleaner, you get: - Simplified processes and potential productivity gains, since one solution replaces a variety of daily-use conventional cleaning chemicals - Effective cleaning without VOCs or residues because the solution has no added dyes, fragrances, or buffers - Savings in time and costs with a single, multi-surface cleaner that’s made right on site at your facility

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Tennant/Orbio Tip of the Month March 2013

Cleaning simplified.

One solution for many applications
Managing a variety of chemical concentrates. Different dilution ratios. Chemical smells and residues. Until now, these were some of the things maintenance crews had to contend with to clean with conventional daily-use cleaning chemicals.
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