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John Miller

John Miller is executive vice president for sales and marketing for Americo Manufacturing Company Inc., a global producer of floor pads, cleaning accessories and floor matting. Americo also is a proud leader in recycling and proponent for enhanced biodegradation. The family-owned, 45-year-old company has been manufacturing floor pads with 100 percent recycled fiber and water-based latex resin bonding systems for well over a decade. Americo recently introduced the world’s first and only Full Cycle™ floor pads, designed with enhanced biodegradation when discarded into a landfill. Americo® and Full Cycle™ are trademarks of Americo Manufacturing Company Inc. Contact John Miller at


April 2014 Feature 4

Packing A Punch Against Plastic Waste

Minimized landfill deposits add up to significant global impact.

With as much as 85 percent of the plastics found in everyday use winding up in landfills, it’s not surprising that more cleaning industry professionals and consumers alike are committing to doing their part to leave the smallest impact on the environment.

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