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Kelly A. Reynolds

Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, PhD, is an associate professor at the University of Arizona’s Zuckerman College of Public Health and co-director of the Environment, Exposure Science and Risk Assessment Center. She specializes in environmental health science research related to infectious disease transmission, microbiology, risk assessment, and public health policy and education. Reynolds is investigating how soft surfaces contribute to pathogen transmission through projects funded by the Clorox Professional Products Company. For more information about EPA-registered soft surface* product solutions, such as Clorox® 4 in One Disinfectant & Sanitizer, visit


February 2014 Feature 5

Beating Bacteria On Soft Surfaces

Regularly treating soft surfaces between launderings can help minimize infection risks.

Many types of potentially harmful bacteria can survive on soft surfaces including MRSA, VRE and influenza.

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