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Kevin Keeler

Kevin Keeler is the founder of Keeler Consulting, and he draws on his unique and long experience in the industry to provide solutions for multiple clients. He specializes in the development and implementation of tools, technology and systems that provide cleanliness, cost effectiveness and accountability. Keeler is the author of Behind The Broom, along with Judy Gillies, president of The Surge Group Inc., and Lance Witschen, president of 1Class Consulting. Visit for more.


May/June 2017 Let's Talk Shop

Mixing Up Management Styles

Get the most from your staff by varying your leadership techniques

While many of us in the cleaning and facilities management industries may aspire to be in a supervisory position, once we reach our goal, we may find ourselves pulled in too many directions.

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September 2016 Let's Talk Shop

Back to Zero

Project cleaning to restore surfaces

The appearance of surfaces is the baseline from which our cleaning services are judged.

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April 2016 Let's Talk Shop

Motivating Techniques

Finding the right balance in your management style

When we perform at a high level, we enjoy the benefits. When our performance is lacking, we endure the consequences.

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January 2016 Let's Talk Shop

You Get What You Pay For

How to run cleaning operations more efficiently with limited resources

Managing cleaning operations, at its most basic, is providing the most services possible by using the resources that are available.

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