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Emily DeJeu

Emily DeJeu is an associate for Rep Toolkit, handling client relationship management, social media development and sales/marketing. When she is not helping distributor sales representatives, DeJeu is a freelance writer and blogger on various topics. Offering mobile apps for JanSan distributor sales representatives, Rep Toolkit is available on iOS, Android, Surface and BlackBerry platforms. To learn more about the account visibility, catalog integration, inventory and countless other app functionalities of Rep Toolkit, visit, call (303) 963-0000 or e-mail


February 2013 Tackling Trouble Areas

Tablet Technology In The Sales Arena

While distributor sales representatives are well positioned to take advantage of portable computing devices, tablets will not compensate for personal deficiencies.

Even in the JanSan industry — a realm that is notoriously slow to adopt new technologies — we’re seeing more and more distributors invest in tablets for their sales representatives.

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