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Roni Barker

Roni Barker is a board member of the nonprofit Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PCHS) Consortium. She is also a site facility coordinator at the Washoe County School District’s largest middle school. Barker’s prior experience includes 23 years in the manufacturing sector, supervising assembly and fabrication departments, managing a plant-wide lean manufacturing program, involvement in work flow analysis, one-piece process flow, point-of-use parts storage, workstation layout and design experience and a lot more. Barker can be reached at


CMM Online Exclusive

Cleaning The Right Way Makes You Smarter

Brain growth happens as a result of regular exercise; that growth is especially pronounced when the exercise includes activities requiring an acquisition of skills.

Learning the precise and well-orchestrated movements and skills needed for cleaning and disinfection tasks that produce repeatable results builds brain cells for other activities.

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