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January 2010 Feature 7

Winter Conditions Yield Floor Advisories

Details for dealing with snow and ice removal while protecting your floors.

Although facility managers are not expected to predict weather patterns, these individuals must be on alert when it comes to seasonal trends and safeguarding their buildings.

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What's Next After Green?

About 30 years ago, a contract cleaning company in California specialized in cleaning restaurant kitchens. Often, they were called in when a restaurant was cited for health code violations. In
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Improving Worker Productivity From The Feet-up

With the downturn in the economy, there has been a shift in the needs of many of the end customers the JanSan industry serves. The health and appearance of facilities
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Mats that LEED the way

In February 2008, a survey was conducted asking facility managers about their understanding of high-performance matting systems. Many of the 120 people who responded were associated with large school districts
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