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Articles by Mike Sawchuk

November 2012 Feature 6

A Colony Of Microscopic Workhorses

Bioenzymatic cleaners are agricultural facilitators of clean, hygienic surfaces.

Facilities that are cleaned using environmentally preferable products are also becoming more sustainable, ensuring that natural resources are used as efficiently as possible.

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The Free-pour Days Are Coming To An End

Chemical dilution control systems help save time, money and the environment.
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Harvesting green cleaning employees

In my 20 years in the professional cleaning industry, I have seen a major shift in how many cleaning people view and perform their jobs. I have seen this among
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Greening Bloomington Hospital

Hospitals around the world are slowly jumping on the green bandwagon. Some facilities have investigated newer and more sustainable power sources, such as wind power, that can help to reduce
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Green beyond cleaning

When members of the cleaning industry read about green issues, they invariably focus on green cleaning and the use of environmentally preferable cleaning products. However, stepping back and looking
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Keeping hospitals healthy

Cleaning medical facilities is a specialized service.However, except for in certain areas of a hospital — such as operating and emergency rooms, which usually require special cleaning chemicals and procedures
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MSDS: Your best friend in case of an emergency

The growing interest in and application of green cleaning chemicals has had a number of benefits for building service contractors (BSCs).One of the most significant benefits is that BSCs are
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