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Dawn Shoemaker

Dawn Shoemaker is a frequent writer for the professional cleaning and building industries. She may be reached at


November 2013 Feature 7

GHS — The Right To Understand

The new global standard aims to eliminate inconsistencies and inaccuracies on product labels.
November 12, 2013

In December 2013, a big change is coming to the way warning and hazard labels and related materials are displayed on scores of different products including professional cleaning products.

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October 2013 Feature 2

Who Is Really At Risk In Public Restrooms?

The inherent risks for infections from unclean public restrooms make proper procedure and protection paramount.
October 4, 2013

Most of us now know that the focus of the professional cleaning industry is protecting human health. Nowhere is this more important than in the cleaning and maintenance of public restrooms.

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January 2013 Contractor Success

Building Loyalty Through Consulting

Becoming your customers' cleaning consultant is a surefire way to increase your worth.
January 11, 2013

Many contractors and distributors have become their customers’ “experts” when it comes to building maintenance — helping facilities managers lower overall operating costs, transfer to green cleaning strategies and become more sustainable.

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The Subjectivity Of Product Labeling

August 25, 2011
There is a push for increased transparency and disclosure about all of the ingredients contained in products.
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Improving Worker Productivity In Restrooms

February 1, 2011
CM/Spotlight: Restroom Care
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Preventing Plant Explosions

September 19, 2010
It happened once again: Another combustible dust explosion. A sawdust silo in Kreamer, Pennsylvania, exploded — making it the fourth such incident in this same plant in seven years. This
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What custodial workers should know about hand hygiene

September 19, 2010
All cleaning workers have one thing in common: They run the risk of being exposed to biological hazards that can include disease-causing pathogens. These hazards obviously have the potential to
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Proper procedure for sanitary napkin disposal

September 19, 2010
Water and public works department websites of cities across the U.S. often include advisories that suggest ways customers can avoid water backup problems and prevent blockages and other sewer-related issues.
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Specialist Vs. Jack-of-all Trades

September 19, 2010
Which hand should you deal to customers?
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