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The New Old Way Of Cleaning

Bigger tools and equipment are not always better or more effective.
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Updating Your Restroom Care Tools

CM/Spotlight: Restroom Care
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Cruising For Health

When it comes to hygienic cleaning, we must recognize that there are many components along with two cleaning "modes" or procedures that must be followed. The first is routine cleaning.
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Contaminants in unusual places

Americans traveling to Europe may note an unusual charge on some restaurant bills. Added to the total tab may be a “cover charge,” which covers not the entry to the
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Proving cleaning produces healthier environments

Overall, feedback from the Cleaning Industry Research Institute’s (CIRI) second symposium, which was held earlier this year at the University of Maryland, was positive. One goal of the conference is
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Focus on grout cleaning

Twenty or more years ago, cleaning contractors would respond to a request to deep-clean discolored grout and tile in a client’s restrooms with considerable concern and anxiety. The concern was
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