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Articles by Dane Gregory

April 2013 Cover Story

The Evolution Of Hard Floor Care

To truly appreciate the amount of progress, we need to take a closer look at what the idea of cleaning and maintaining hard surface floors was in its infancy.

If you look at where we are today compared to where we began, you’ll likely agree that we are light years away from the first attempts to maintain flooring in commercial buildings.

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Training Talent

Individuals comprehend things uniquely; cater your training to their particularities.
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Stone Work As A Lucrative Business

Knowing the uniqueness of natural stone can prove invaluable.
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Building And Customer Evaluations

Don''t become blinded to the factors that drive customer and staff recruitment.
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How Much For This And That?

When services are compared, make sure your prospects are evaluating fairly.
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When Is It Time To Quit Playing Around?

When frustrations abound, a consultant can be a godsend.
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The Path To The Magic Bullet

Finding the magic bullet of success requires a well-thought-out plan.
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No Fear

Fight the fear from wherever it comes and bring your maintenance processes to an entirely new level.
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I've Been Certified

Customers want results, and they usually don''t care how you achieve them.
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Floor Care Procedures

Effectively removing soils is the most crucial part of maintaining clean, shiny floors.
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