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Articles by Rick Hoverson

The Lucky Seven Of Steam Vapor

Selection should be made on the basis of seven key elements of functionality and safety.
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A Tradition Of Excellence Modernized

Without the use of chemicals, environmental services strives to protect health at one of the nation''s best children''s hospitals.
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Steam Vapor Systems: What To Look For

Steam vapor systems use low-moisture, high-temperature steam to clean, deodorize, sanitize and, in some cases, disinfect surfaces. The units provide a portable, effective, "clean in place" process that is especially
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Not all steam is created equal

The popularity that steam vapor and steam vapor machines have long enjoyed throughout Europe is rapidly gaining momentum in the U.S., particularly as more and more attention is being paid
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Steam vapor sanitation: A better method for hard surfaces

Steam vapor sanitation enables cleaning hard and porous surfaces more thoroughly than conventional methods — which helps improve appearance, indoor air quality and safety — while minimizing chemical use and
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