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Articles by Jim Peduto Esq.

Budget Planning: The Roadmap To Success

Does your budgeting process provide you with a competitive advantage? Financial planning is essential to the survival of a business. As one year comes to a close, business owners should
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What Do You Manage?

Great companies have developed systems and processes that work in concert to produce consistent quality at the price point and service level that each client expects. The great leaders within
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Manage A System In Seven Steps

In the July issue, Raising Standards raised the question, "What do you manage — a system or confusion?" The column included an operations check-up to help managers determine whether they
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CIMS-GB: The One-stop Standard

ISSA officially launched Cleaning Industry Management Standard-Green Building (CIMS-GB) in October and, in just the first round, more than 12 organizations earned certification. These newly certified organizations got in line
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Unlocking Potential Inside And Outside Your Organization

Whether you manage a small startup contract company, a 100-year-old industry icon facility or an in-house operation, throughout your tenure you''ve seen your cleaning organization reach milestones in growth and
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CIMS-GB: A Valuable Resource Toward LEED Certification

Facility managers are increasingly requesting green cleaning programs. However, there still seems to be a lot of confusion in the cleaning industry and among facility managers about what truly constitutes
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