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September 2013 Contractor Success

Operationally Sustainable Cleaning Services

It’s not about the best price; it’s about the best manager and the best toxic-free cleaning program from the most innovative company.

After over 40 years of helping buyers evaluate and hire cleaning contractors, a few observations about how purchasing and buyer folks make choices have become evident.

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Online Exclusive

Plants — The Silent Cleaner

How increasing the number of plants inside a building can reduce the toxicity of indoor air.

Some authorities have suggested that our indoor environment can be between five and one hundred times more toxic than outdoor air.

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May 2013 Fact-based Management

Comparison of Key Industry Performance Metrics

An abbreviated view of some of our findings.

I had a request from a client to compare his performance to industry key performance metrics under traditional task/frequency and performance-based specification relationships.

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Buying Building Services In A Chaotic Economy

Where certainty is uncertain and predictability is unpredictable, those with business smarts succeed.
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A Toxic-free, Chemical-free Solution

A growing number of workers are suffering from asthma, allergies or some other respiratory problems.
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Hands Down

The dirty dozen harmful hot spots for contamination in and around commercial facilities.
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