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Articles by Robert Kravitz

Don’t Let Bugs Bug Your Customers

The food service industry is a sizeable—and lucrative—market for cleaning contractors.

Get to Know Your Grout

A good relationship with your grout can help ensure your floor will provide years of service.
June 2014 Facility Focus

Implementing A Green Cleaning Program

A successful change goes beyond buying the right cleaning products.

Certain best practices have emerged for implementing a green cleaning program.

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Online Exclusive June 2013

Learning About AGM Batteries

AGM batteries are becoming common in the JanSan industry today, but they were used in military aircraft, telecommunications systems, traffic signals and other devices beginning in the mid-1980s.

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More Is Not Always Better

When it comes to cleaning carpets, the goal is to remove soils, not take carpet fibers for a swim.
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Chemical-free Cleaning: A Balancing Act

Cleaning should focus on the removal of unwanted matter from surfaces, not the addition of substances.
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Everything Old Is New Again

From tenements to towers, tankless water heaters are bringing the green concept full circle.
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Traffic Lane Soiling

To avoid unsightly buildup, soils must be frequently removed and prevented from entering a facility.
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Green when 'green' is tight

Are current cash woes influencing the green cleaning market?
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A Look At The Chinese Cleaning Industry

Efforts to green the great red nation are gaining momentum.
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