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Articles by Dave Frank

Tracking Trends

The cleaning management landscape continues to change and shift, bringing new challenges to cleaning managers. Already strapped for time, human capital and dollars, managers are currently tackling the trials of
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Saving Jobs

In the wake of a housing bust, a banking crisis, a credit crunch and a growing wave of job cuts, what American worker isn''t worried about their job? What business
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Mind The Gap

How is your cleaning organization''s operational efficiency? How about its environmental footprint? Are all safety regulations being followed to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents? Even if you think
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CIMS-GB: The Sixth Dimension

In addition to a quality cleaning organization, building owners and managers want assurance that their cleaning service providers are capable of providing a sustainable cleaning service and can help them
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Distributing CIMS Support

Facility service providers (FSPs) have long relied on distributors to supply the essential products and tools to do their jobs. Moreover, FSPs expect distributors to offer what industry players call
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