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Articles by Vince Elliott

Restrooms: Customer-driven Priorities

There has always been a lot of attention focused on the appearance of restrooms. As the industry evolves into a greater awareness of health and emerging green issues, managers and
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ATP measurement of cleaning performance

There''s been a growing interest in measuring cleaning performance and its management. And, it seems like measuring contamination levels is likely to attract even more attention and has the potential
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Measuring CRUMIE Complaints: Part Two

Last month we started a discussion about convenience, repeat, urgent, mission-critical, image and employee (CRUMIE) complaints. This month, we pick up with repeat complaints. A repeat disappointment of the occupant''s
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Inspections For Cleaning Performance

There are several reasons for inspection, including: Conducting a periodic reality check to see if you are comfortable with what you offer; measuring to validate the level of performance delivered
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Part Two of Three: Customer loyalty

Last month, we set the foundation for building customer loyalty. We left off by presenting the Interrelationship Diagram. Now, let''s explore each of these elements. Customer expectations Customer expectations are
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Part One of Three: Customer Loyalty

How to build customer loyalty: A single-minded focus on how the customer feels after each interaction with your company and its people. A successful business must manage the customer experience
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