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Articles by Amanda Martini-Hughes

An Iron Clad Prevention

June 9, 2011
One non-profit organization used Marvel Entertainment''s Iron Man to teach children the advantages of hand hygiene.
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Greenwashing: The False Advertising Of The Green Movement

May 5, 2011
Don''t let the idea of green overshadow what being green really means.
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No Longer A Buzzword

April 15, 2011
Choosing to become third-party certified in their cleaning gave Virginia Tech an increased level of pride.
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The Lowdown On Certification

April 14, 2011
With such a heavy emphasis on being “certified,” which is the best certification for you?
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Creating The Best For Success

March 24, 2011
Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, the Penn State University custodial department developed its own program.
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Advance To A New Level Of Floor Care

March 23, 2011
Know how to get the most out of the latest technology.
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Stand Out From The Crowd

March 3, 2011
Use innovative marketing techniques to differentiate your company from the masses.
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Take Your Training To The Next Level

February 18, 2011
You can teach an old broom new techniques.
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Business By The Good Book

February 1, 2011
In the face of economic hardships, one company has found a way to keep things shining. Office Pride Inc., founded by author and entrepreneur Todd Hopkins, continues to clean up
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Keep Your Facility On Lockdown

February 1, 2011
Leaving the protection of your facility to chance is not something any facility manager should ever consider. Even if your facility isn''t harboring state secrets, chances are whatever is inside
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