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Working on the follow-up

September 19, 2010
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Meet Clinton Hoffmann, a man who has been in the cleaning business for 18 years.

Over the years, he has been certified by IICRC and earned DuPont Master Cleaning certification, and owned and operated two businesses. In 2004, he started Clean Smart Carpet Care Inc.

But Hoffmann recently hired a full-time manager to run it because he has become a shareholder of what he calls an exceptional company that helps business owners publish their client list, thus increasing annual income and helping the company to grow a tremendous amount.

The company’s website is and Hoffmann’s distribution is called Business Building Technologies Network.

It might sound like Marketing 101, but his secret is following-up with customers. This is not difficult to do, but is time-consuming and overlooked by many people.

When Hoffmann first started Clean Smart Carpet Care, he was making a gross annual income of $50,000. But, after all the coupons were sent out and all the advertisements were made, he had spent between $10,000 and $15,000 of that income on acquiring and retaining clients.

After using this card service, Hoffmann was shocked to find that he had spent only $5 on retaining each client, and spent no money on acquiring new clients.

Also, Hoffmann spent no money on other ads and stopped using coupons, but was still able to double his gross income, making $100,000.

Hoffmann stated that the most important thing to learn is how to make your clients understand that you are a busy person and they have to schedule appointments with you ahead of time.

But what most people don’t understand is how to do that by making the client feel like a friend rather than just a client that you want money from; his secret to this is the “annual five cards.”

Hoffmann said that every year each client will receive a birthday card, thank you card, anniversary card, “I would love to clean your friend’s carpet card,” and a specialized card.

This makes his clients feel more like friends and less like customers. With this type of relationship, he says, they are more likely to call him for a cleaning job.

One example of how he received a cleaning request when he wasn’t expecting to was when he sent a customer’s daughter a birthday card.

“The mother called me when she received the card, and explained that she was surprised and pleased,” he recalled. “She then made an appointment with me to clean their carpets the day after the party she was having for her daughter. This made me an extra $200, but what was more pleasing was that this woman now knew how involved I was with my clients and was going to remember my name and company.”

It all begins with sending your customers specialized greeting cards that you can make online through the website. You can put any kind of picture or graphic on or in the card, type out a personalized message with your very own font, and also use your own signature.

Hoffmann concluded that the follow-up card system has changed his business for the better financially, and in how his customers relate to him.

Thanks to Clint Hoffmann’s generosity anyone who wants to purchase and use the same system he uses will get special access to all of the 16 cards he has personally designed for free, an $800 value, to help quickly and profitably build their businesses.

To contact Clint, you can e-mail him at or call him at either 812-669-4410 or 801-318-0261.

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