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Powr-Flite's13-Gallon Black Max Hot Water Carpet Extractor comes equipped with Perfect Heat technology.
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The newest vacuum in the UltraPro family, the MC-GG529, comes equipped with a two-motor system, but it maintains low decibel levels.
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Floor Stripper

National Chemical Laboratories Inc.
National Chemical Laboratories (NCL) introduces Bolt ultra-concentrated, no-rinse speed stripper.
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Backpack Vacuum

NaceCare Solutions
Ideal for daytime cleaning, the RBV 130 is hardly noticeable with a 45 decibel, battery-powered motor.
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Kaivac Inc.
Kaivac's Ergo Speed Spreader is a flat mop assembly that combines Kaivac's Ergo Mop Handle with an 18-inch Pad Holder along with two spreader pads for rapidly spreading cleaning solution.
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Floor Finish Applicator

Hillyard's Multi-Flo XP is fast. Apply floor finish at rates up to 10,000-square-feet per hour in open areas like hallways, gymnasiums and multi-purpose rooms.
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Floor Finishes

ES-98 from Charlotte Products/Enviro-Solutions is a green-certified floor finish certified by both EcoLogo/UL and Green Seal.
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Clorox Professional Products Company
Clorox Professional Cleaners & Degreasers break free from the way grease has been cleaned in the past.
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Training Program

Buckeye International
Buckeye provides training programs for end-users in the industry, and the Honors Custodial Training Program is Buckeye's specialized training program for schools and universities.
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Betco Corporation
The multi-purpose, germicidal detergent and deodorant pH7Q disinfects, cleans and deodorizes in one step.
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