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AGM Batteries

Trojan Battery Company
Trojan Battery has added a new absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery to its product family, the 140AH 12-AGM.
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Tornado Industries Inc.
Tornado's SWB 26/8 battery-powered walk-behind sweeper is the perfect replacement for corded wide-area vacuum cleaners.
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Hand Towels

SCA Tissue
SCA Tissue's Tork brand recently announced the launch of its finest collection of hand towels, which includes Premium Extra Soft, Premium and Advanced Soft.
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Canister Vacuum

Sanitaire Commercial/Electrolux
The new SC3700 Quiet Clean canister vacuum from Sanitaire features a wide assortment of accessories for bare floor, carpet and detail cleaning.
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Cleaning Caddy

ITW Dymon
ITW Dymon has introduced the SCRUBS Breakroom 6-Pack Caddy, which features six of ITW Dymon's SCRUBS pre-moistened wipes in a convenient caddy designed to make breakroom cleaning tasks easier and more efficient.
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Stain Remover

HydraMaster Corporation
Red Break 1 from HydraMaster is a red stain remover designed to work on stains caused by any food or beverage with color added.
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Hand Dryer

Excel Dryer Inc.
The XLERATOR hand dryer from Excel Dryer is now available with a certified high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system.
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Hand Soap

Deb Group
The Deb Group recently launched GrittyFOAM, the world's first and only heavy-duty industrial hand cleansing foam with suspended bio-scrubbers.
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