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3M Floor Care Tip of the Month March 2013

The dirt on restoring luster to stone floors

Uncovering and protecting your floor's true beauty.
Over time high-traffic stone floors take a beating. Scratches, scuff marks and stains are all par for the course. You can clean and polish them, but at the end of the day your efforts can be futile.
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3M Floor Care Tip of the Month February 2013

Maintaining a "Wow!" shine and image

There's more to great looking floors than meets the eye
While your visitors appreciate a brilliant shine, there's more to the appearance of hard surface floors than gloss alone.
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CMM Online Exclusive

Don't Let Germs Take Over Your Environment

Clorox Professional Products Company

It's important that the disinfectant you choose kills the bacteria and viruses of greatest concern to public health, including norovirus, rhinovirus, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), rotavirus and influenza.

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To Understand Filtration, Flex Your Imagination

ProTeam Cleaning for Health Tip of the Month
Dirt is dirt, no matter how small. It's the task of the cleaning professional and his or her equipment to remove unwanted matter from an indoor environment and put it where it belongs, disposed in a vacuum filter bag.
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