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ProTeam Cleaning for Health® Tip of the Month

Your Future is 30% More Efficient

These game-changers can give early adopters a crucial edge over their competitors.
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JaniKing Tip of the Month

Cleaner, Greener, Healthier

A New Spin On Increasing Workplace Productivity
Employees who feel comfortable in their work environment will be the most productive and the most beneficial to your business.
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ProTeam Cleaning for Health® Tip of the Month

Tested and Proven

The Performance and Durability of the Next Generation Backpack Vacuums
One UL-certified laboratory at Emerson's Tool Company Engineering facility, located on the campus of Emerson World Headquarters in St. Louis, Mo. was tasked with testing the Next Generation of backpack vacuums from ProTeam® for safety and durability.
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ProTeam Team Cleaning Tip of the Month

Three School Districts Adopt Team Cleaning® to Cut Costs Upfront and Down the Road

Team Cleaning specialists are trained thoroughly on their specific tasks down to timing and movement. The purpose is to streamline processes and eliminate unnecessary backtracking, stops-and-starts, and product waste.
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ProTeam Tip of the Month

The Ideal Tool for Post-Construction, Post-Tenancy Cleans

Daily carpet care is one thing, a complete clean is another problem entirely.
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Advance Green Cleaning Tip of the Month April 2013

Green Meets Clean

Every cleaning challenge is different; some require extensive time, labor and multiple machines to get the job done, while others can be completed with far less. Luckily, there's a flexible solution.
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IPC Eagle Floor Care Tip of the Month March 2013

The Smart way to keeping floors and carpets clean

Keeping floors clean is a costly and time consuming effort that is necessary for keeping areas clean and maintaining the quality and appearance of the floors one has invested so much in.
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Tennant/Orbio Tip of the Month March 2013

Cleaning simplified.

One solution for many applications
Managing a variety of chemical concentrates. Different dilution ratios. Chemical smells and residues. Until now, these were some of the things maintenance crews had to contend with to clean with conventional daily-use cleaning chemicals.
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3M Floor Care Tip of the Month March 2013

The dirt on restoring luster to stone floors

Uncovering and protecting your floor's true beauty.
Over time high-traffic stone floors take a beating. Scratches, scuff marks and stains are all par for the course. You can clean and polish them, but at the end of the day your efforts can be futile.
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3M Floor Care Tip of the Month February 2013

Maintaining a "Wow!" shine and image

There's more to great looking floors than meets the eye
While your visitors appreciate a brilliant shine, there's more to the appearance of hard surface floors than gloss alone.
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