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Scientists question effectiveness of mattress cleaning for dust-mite allergies

NEW YORK — Companies offering mattress sanitation services to combat dust-mite allergies do kill dust mites, but there is no proof the dust mites will stay away for good.
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School district must replace gym floor for second time in a year

ANTIOCH, IL — A flood occurred after a custodian attempted to fix a leaky pipe in the bathroom next to the gym, but twisted too hard and snapped off the cover.
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Town hall left with no heat and hefty repair costs

PLAINVILLE, MA — A rotted" heating system in the Plainville Town Hall left the building with no heat and an estimated cost of $19,000 in repairs.
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Window cleaning at the world's tallest building

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Under normal weather conditions, with all 18 building maintenance units (BMUs) in operation and 36 men manning the machines, the entire facade of the Burj Khalifa will take approximately two to three months to clean.
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Fire was avoidable with dryer vent cleaning

CHICAGO — In addition to dryer vent services, Dryer Vent Wizard strives to educate its customers on the importance of dryer vent cleaning in an attempt to avoid situations like the one that unfolded at the Holiday Inn.
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