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Restroom Care


Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced another innovative, space-saving towel system: The new Scott Slimroll towel system, a high-capacity, touchless dispensing system that is nearly half the size of standard Kimberly-Clark Professional
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The great wipe hype

KIRKSVILLE, MO — Despite being provided toilet paper by the university, one student prefers to shell out a little extra for store-bought brands.
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Hand Dryer

The Xlerator XL-SB 1.1N stainless steel hand dryer from Excel Dryer, which has a recess kit compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), completely dries hands in 10 to
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Restroom Cleaning

With a high-pressure chemical injection washer, Sanis UltraClean by Cintas removes soil buildup that mops and brushes cannot. As a result, businesses have a restroom that is not only sanitized
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