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Restroom Care

Door Opener

Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) introduces the AutoDoor system, an automatic, touch-free door opener for washrooms. The AutoDoor is the latest addition to RCP''s line of touch-free washroom solutions that
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Corporate Video

Merfin is pleased to announce that a new corporate video, "We Are Where You Need Us," has been completed and is available for viewing on Merfin''s YouTube page. The
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Paper Towels

Canadian towel and tissue market leader Kruger Products has launched a new embossing pattern on its roll and multifold towel brands, Embassy Supreme, Embassy, White Swan and Esteem. This
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Naming the throne

WASHINGTON — If you''ve ever wanted a stall or even an entire restroom named after you, a few thousand dollars to your alma mater could finance that dream.
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Sanitary Napkin Disposal

Sinclair Worldwide introduces the Janibell Prive'' hands-free sanitary napkin disposal system. The simple hands-free operation features an infrared activation sensor to automatically open and close the waste collection door.
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Touch-free Cleaning

Safely cleaning and sanitizing restrooms, kitchens, health clubs and more has never been easier than with the Kleen-Safe "Touch Less" cleaning unit. The Kleen-Safe quickly and efficiently removes soil
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