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Restroom Care

Tackle Restroom Cleaning

restroom_pg Restroom cleanliness often reflects the overall hygiene standards of a place of business so it is imperative to maintain this room to provide a welcoming environment for both patrons
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Resolving Toilet Trouble

When low-flow toilets were first introduced, consumers and facility managers complained about having to flush twice to clean the bowl. This defeated the entire purpose of selecting a more water-efficient
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Omitting An Omnipresent Odor

Editor''s note: The following letter was recently sent from a veteran JanSan expert who is confused by a facility''s choice to remove its no-water urinals because of a supposed malodor
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Productivity in restroom care

When it comes to restroom care, the JanSan staples of the past are still pertinent. Though the materials used to manufacture them and the procedures employed to make their use
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Water Issues Flow To The Top

According to Stephen Ashkin, the professional cleaning industry''s most outspoken advocate for environmentally responsible cleaning and sustainability, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program is reevaluating its certification
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