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Restroom Care

Odor Eliminator

You could say ES100 from Enviro-Solutions eats soils. That''s because ES100 is a bio-active odor eliminator. It neutralizes bacteria that cause odor, replacing them with healthy, odor-free microorganisms that eat
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Tackle Restroom Cleaning

restroom_pg Restroom cleanliness often reflects the overall hygiene standards of a place of business so it is imperative to maintain this room to provide a welcoming environment for both patrons
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Resolving Toilet Trouble

When low-flow toilets were first introduced, consumers and facility managers complained about having to flush twice to clean the bowl. This defeated the entire purpose of selecting a more water-efficient
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Omitting An Omnipresent Odor

Editor''s note: The following letter was recently sent from a veteran JanSan expert who is confused by a facility''s choice to remove its no-water urinals because of a supposed malodor
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