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Restroom Care

Hand Dryer Retrofit

XLERATOR high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers from Excel Dryer are now available with Americans With Disabilities (ADA) Act-compliant stainless steel paper towel dispenser retrofit kits. The new kits provide a simple,
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Waterless Urinal

Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) introduces the ecoUrinal, a waterless urinal system that utilizes a unique cartridge that lasts 10 years. The ecoUrinal can help facilities significantly reduce operating budgets and
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Soap Dispenser

Spartan is proud to introduce a new bulk fill liquid hand soap dispenser that is easy to clean, easy to fill and has a new screw cap providing a closed
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Restroom Cleaner

Restroom odor problems are a thing of the past with ES920 CS from Enviro-Solutions. ES920 CS is a green-certified bioactive restroom cleaner that actually eats away odor-causing germs and bacteria,
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Restroom Care Product Showcase

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