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Restroom Care

Restroom Care Case Studies

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Innovation breeds profitability for company

HAMILTON, OH — After witnessing custodial professionals on their hands and knees cleaning toilets, Bob Robinson, Sr, founder and president of Kaivac Inc., thought there must be a better, more efficient way to clean restrooms and the fixtures contained therein.
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Paper Towel Dispenser

San Jamar''s new Element dispenser is the simplest, most compact option in lever roll towel dispensing. The Element is now San Jamar''s smallest roll towel dispenser and enters the
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Restroom Sprayer

With the Spray-A-Tizer from National Pro Clean Corporation, restrooms can be twice as clean in half the time. The touch-free cleaning capability of the Spray-A-Tizer means no more hugging
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Restroom Cleaning Unit

Kaivac is pioneering an entirely new "grow-as-you-go" cleaning concept called Crossover Cleaning. Crossover Cleaning includes Kaivac''s new OmniFlex customized cleaning tools, which are inexpensive modular components that allow cleaning
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Towel Dispenser

The new SofPull mechanical towel dispenser from Georgia-Pacific is designed to help reduce waste, overhead costs and cross-contamination with its convenient, controlled one-at-a-time sheet dispensing system. The SofPull towel
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