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Hard Floor Care

September 2012 Maintenance Matters Quiz

How Much Do You Know About Batteries?

Test your knowledge and complete a quick, 10-question quiz developed by Daniel Frimml of Tornado Industries Inc. to ensure retention of the main points from his September 2012 article, "The Wave Of The Future."

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September 2012 Maintenance Matters

The Wave Of The Future

Many are plugging into the benefits of battery-powered cleaning equipment.

An April 2012 poll revealed that 88 percent of those surveyed would select a battery-powered machine over a conventional model. After reading more, take a quiz on the content herein.

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October 2012 Feature 3

No Pain And Sans Strain

The hazards of cleaning can be reduced with comfortable, ergonomic tools and equipment.

Understanding the way equipment impacts physical health and methods for improving ergonomic stressors will better prepare your workers for their cleaning crusades.

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January 2010 Feature 7

Winter Conditions Yield Floor Advisories

Details for dealing with snow and ice removal while protecting your floors.

Although facility managers are not expected to predict weather patterns, these individuals must be on alert when it comes to seasonal trends and safeguarding their buildings.

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Identifying high-risk slip and fall risks

The second segment in a series of Tribology Training classes has been release.
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The challenge of high-gloss finishes

Many facilities today are not putting a high-gloss finish on their floors.
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How Did We Live Without It?

The multi-use equipment trend grows with wet/dry vacuum cleaners.
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Getting Walked All Over

Matting plays a significant role in hard floor care, but many pay it little mind.
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More Shine, More Satisfaction

Lustrous floors are a product of ongoing procedural maintenance.
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Tuesday's Ask the Experts: Unsealed slate

JanSan expert answers to the toughest questions from inquiring industry professionals.
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