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Hard Floor Care

Dirty hotel floors deter consumers from rebooking

September 10, 2010
CINCINNATI, OH — Poll reveals 85 percent of Americans would never rebook at a hotel with dirty floors.
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Stand-on Scrubber

September 2, 2010
The new Chariot iScrub 20-inch stand-on scrubber has been tested to be 50 percent more productive than an average walk-behind scrubber. The Chariot is designed with a swiveling no-adjustment squeegee
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Floor Scrubber

September 2, 2010
Tornado Industries'' BD 26/26 automatic scrubber is designed for cleaning moderate to large-sized floor spaces such as those in grocery stores. Rigorously tested, it is made from a rotomolded polyethylene
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Windsor featured on "World's Greatest!…" television show

June 28, 2010
DENVER — Windsor will be featured on "World''s Greatest!…" a television show that features behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with some of the most unique companies.
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Tornado's top 10 floor care challenges

May 27, 2010
CHICAGO — Tornado Industries asks their distributors for their key challenges when it comes to floor care.
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Floor Care Trends

May 12, 2010
Spartan Chemical Tip of the Month
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Tornado offers tips to spring clean your vacuum

March 26, 2010
CHICAGO — To ensure cleaning professionals'' vacuum cleaners are up to the job, they, too, may need spring cleaning.
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Powr-Flite survey indicates concern over floor care productivity

March 24, 2010
FORT WORTH, TX — Fifty-five percent of survey respondents answered that they select automatic scrubbers because "they help improve worker productivity."
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Pro-Link honored with BioPreferred Item of the Month

March 18, 2010
CANTON, MA — The General Purpose Cleaner selected as the item of the month is designed to be used for a variety of cleaning tasks and on a wide range of surfaces, including floors.
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Friday's Ask the Experts: Average speed to strip and refinish floors

January 29, 2010
JanSan expert answers to the toughest questions from inquiring industry professionals.
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