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Hard Floor Care

Microfiber Mop

SwedeClean recently introduced the Smart Twist microfiber mop that makes cleaning hard surface floors a breeze. The Smart Twist microfiber mop utilizes the cleaning power of microfiber and the concept
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Walk-behind Scrubber

The Tennant T3+ and the Nobles Speed Scrub XC walk-behind scrubbers offer customers the choice of two standard sustainable technologies: Tennant''s breakthrough ec-H2O™ technology or Tennant Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology (FaST®).
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Effective Floor Matting

Editor''s note: The foul weather that often accompanies wintertime increases the need for preventative hard floor care. An invaluable tool for keeping lobbies, hallways and vestibules clean and dry —
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Four Maintenance Stages

Most people do not give maintenance a thought, while maintenance professionals think of nothing else but maintenance. These facts are part of our frustration with selling maintenance programs. Top Of
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