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Witt unveils new website

June 1, 2012
MASON, OH — Witt Industries has launched a new website for their complete line of durable indoor and outdoor waste and recycling containers and site amenities.
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Amerlux receives five NGL Awards

May 30, 2012
LAS VEGAS — Recognized for excellence during the fourth annual Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) Solid-State Lighting (SSL) design competition, Amerlux received Five Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) Awards at LightFair International.
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Students develop self-cleaning toilet system

May 17, 2012
CHICAGO — A team of students from Purdue University claims to have solved the messy problem of keeping public toilet seats clean.
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UV disinfection with LED technology

May 15, 2012
WASHINGTON — Research from North Carolina State University (NCSU) will allow the development of energy-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) devices that use ultraviolet (UV) light to kill bacteria and viruses.
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New dryer aimed at children

May 10, 2012
LONDON — The Magic Dryer Company is hoping to launch a new high-speed hand dryer that will appeal to children.
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Bird-B-Gone Inc. launches new website

May 8, 2012
MISSION VIEJO, CA — Bird-B-Gone Inc., a leading manufacturer of professional-grade bird deterrents, has launched a newly designed website.
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Management Software

May 7, 2012
FieldAware has introduced a new cloud-based field service management solution with native mobile applications that is designed to dramatically increase a company''s productivity and profitability. FieldAware essentially digitizes customer,
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Air Quality Testing

May 7, 2012
The new, user friendly AMI300 from E Instruments is a portable, highly sensitive and extremely accurate indoor air quality (IAQ) monitor that is perfect for all of your IAQ
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The Technicalities Of Cleaning

May 4, 2012
Removing much of the human factor from the auditing and inspecting process.
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Reinvent the toilet

April 27, 2012
VISTA, CA — The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invited letters of inquiry from innovators exploring ways to completely redesign the toilet as we know it.
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