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Safety And Security

Resort mold remediation stalled by lawsuit

February 26, 2010
FINDLAY, IL — After finally receiving a successful bid for the state-seized Eagle Creek Resort and Conference Center, plans for repairs and mold remediation totaling $892,000 have stalled due to a lawsuit by two banks claiming they have rights to collateral.
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Cleaning workers hospitalized due to unknown fumes

February 22, 2010
ROLLA, MO — Four employees at Forum Cleaners were hospitalized after becoming sick from unknown fumes requiring a hazardous materials response.
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Dow Chemical leak went unnoticed for almost two weeks

February 18, 2010
CHARLESTON, WV — A Dow Chemical Company facility leaked an average of 270 pounds of toxic ammonia gas every day for almost two weeks before the problem was detected.
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OSHA check scammer swindles thousands

February 16, 2010
ST. PAUL, MN — Minnesota authorities are notifying businesses that paid OSHA fines in 2009 that they may have been victims of a check-fraud scam by a state employee.
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Thieves posing as carpet cleaners steal hundreds

February 15, 2010
LAKE PLACID, FL — A 79-year-old woman who believed she was getting a free carpet cleaning was scammed out of hundreds of dollars.
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Exhaust from busy roads near schools could affect children

February 11, 2010
SALT LAKE CITY — A study from the University of Utah found that students who attend school near busy roads are at a higher risk of being adversely affected by auto exhaust.
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Toilet hardware thieves cost university thousands

February 10, 2010
BERKELEY, CA — Thieves have stolen essential flushing hardware from nearly 40 toilets on the University of California at Berkeley campus.
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'Third-hand smoke' on surfaces can interact with compounds to form carcinogens

February 9, 2010
WASHINGTON — A study by the Berkeley National Laboratory has found that tobacco smoke residue on indoor surfaces can interact with compounds in the air to form new carcinogenic substances.
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Study links industrial cleaner to Parkinson's disease

February 8, 2010
TORONTO — A study released today finds that workers exposed to the once-common cleaning chemical tricholoretylene (TCE) may have a significantly higher risk of developing Parkinson''s disease.
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Historic market forced to close after rodent infestation

February 5, 2010
HARRISBURG, PA — The historic Broad Street Market was suddenly forced to close due to a number of health violations.
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