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Infection Control

Outbreak Control Case Studies

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Concerns About Hitchhikers

Normally, when we discuss cross contamination issues in the professional cleaning industry, the concern is that building occupants will touch potentially contaminated surfaces, such as countertops, doorknobs, ledges, railings and
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Seeing Is Not Believing

In December 1999, a four-part study was conducted assessing the cleanliness of 113 surfaces in various hospitals over a 14-day period. The surfaces were cleaned using conventional cleaning methods —
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Removing Blood Spots

Editor''s note: When cleaning in sensitive environments such as hospitals or other medical facilities, it is important to perform thorough detail cleaning. Failing to clean bodily fluids, for example, could
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Mis-LEEDing Info Made Clear

Recently, a sales representative was informed by a distributor that a manufacturer promised the distributor''s customer they could gain 10 points toward their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-Existing Buildings
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