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Rotary Floor Machines

Ask The Experts

ICAN/ATEX: Do you have to clean burnishing pads?

Ask The Experts

ICAN/ATEX: What is the difference between rotary disk and cylindrical cleaning heads?

April 2013 Hard Floor Care Case Study: Sapphire Scientific

Cleaning North America’s Largest Shopping Center

Sapphire Scientific highlights the science of soil removal through deep, restorative cleaning at the West Edmonton Mall.
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ICAN/ATEX: How long will shine last on high traffic tile floors?

April 2013 Hard Floor Care Case Study: Niagara Machine Inc.

Polishing Off That Beat-up Floor

Polished concrete floors smooth over maintenance costs and repairs and deliver incredible durability and value.
March 2013 Feature 3

The Environmental Preferability Of Polished Concrete

Stop renting your floors and take ownership of them with sustainable burnishing and honing processes.

Even after a facility has finally decided it cannot delay maintenance any longer and has paid to have a beautiful job of stripping and refinishing done, they will have to do it all over again in six to 12 months.

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March 2013 Products And Services

Dual-surface machine

U.S. Products
The King Cobra 1200 PRO from U.S. Products is a true dual-surface machine.
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ICAN/ATEX: What is the best top scrubbing procedure?

Ask The Experts

ICAN/ATEX: What does percent of solids mean?

When it comes to stripping and finishing floors, I notice the answers ICAN provides sometimes include the words, "percent of solids." What does this mean?

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January 2013 Feature 4

Distinct Floor Luster Enhances Property Appeal

Customers covet brilliant shine, but there is more to the appearance of hard surface floors than gloss alone.

It is commonly known that clean, well-maintained floors lead to a positive customer impression. For years, industry professionals have focused on a floor’s surface reflectivity, shine and gloss, but a positive impression is based on much more than that.

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