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Carpet Care

TexPro release 9.13

Textile Pro Program Sells-Out In 72 Hours Rug expert Lisa Wagner and fine fabric expert Jim Pemberton have collaborated on a new training program to develop the next generation of
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Canister Vacuum

Tornado introduces the quiet canister, perfect for day cleaning environments. The TV2 produces less than 70 decibels of sound, making it just right for noise-sensitive environments such as schools,
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Odor Eliminator

Rid''z Odor, which has a new fragrance called Mango Tango, is a popular component of the enduring Unbelievable! brand from Core Products. It is used to fight the toughest
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Detergent Booster

New Surround Bright All from BonnetPro saves you time by boosting your detergent''s performance while saving money, as you only boost when needed. Bright All brightens colors and removes
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Tornado introduces the SWM 31/9 manual sweeper for use indoors or outdoors to pick up just about everything: Metal shavings, nails, leaves, packaging materials, dust and dirt. The SWM 31/9
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