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Carpet Care

US products release 3.5

U.S. Products Offers Tips to Keep Carpet Installation Healthy Mukilteo, WA - Believe it or not, the first official recorded incident of “sick building syndrome” occurred at the headquarters of
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Have a healthy installation

MUKILTEO, WA — The first official recorded incident of "sick building syndrome" occurred at the headquarters of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1988.
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Carpet stewardship bill laid to rest

SEATTLE — The crux of the proposed legislation was to establish a more extensive program aimed at fostering more cost-effective carpet recycling at no cost to residents, carpet retailers or contractors.
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National Chemical Laboratories is pleased to introduce two new series of products: Incrediloso multi-purpose cleaner/deodorizer and Magic Breeze spray air freshener. These new products will be offered in two
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Blitz prespray from HydraMaster incorporates a solvent into a blend of alkaline cleaning agents and builders that quickly dissolves and emulsifies the heaviest of soil. Blitz is a non-enzyme
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Portable Extractor

Clarke introduces its latest extractor, the BEXT Pro portable extractor. Delivering instant, continuous solution heat of 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the BEXT Pro effectively attacks tough carpet stains. The BEXT
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