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The latest techniques for employee training

February 09, 2011
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SAN DIEGO, CA — When it comes to sharpening your skills as a trainer, there is no better place than Training magazine’s 2011 Annual Training Conference and Expo— it''s going on right now in San Diego, CA.
Over 2,000 professional trainers are here participating in over 200 sessions and five Keynote addresses. The only problem I''ve encountered so far is figuring out which classes I want to attend when there are so many good choices going on at the same time.
Even thought it''s too late for you to attend this year''s show, you can check out live tweets from today event and those from the last couple of days to get a good overview of what you''ve missed at:
You can also print out or download — for free — the handouts from many of the presentations from the last few days at
Other related resources include:
Don''t miss next year''s event, the 2012 Annual Training Conference and Expo, February 13-15 in Atlanta.
Now, for a review of some of the key points from presentations I''ve attended:
  • Seventy percent of workers are not engaged in the job they do, which costs employers billions of dollars each year
  • The training challenge is to get people engaged in their work so quality and productivity goes up
  • Games, videos, mobile communication and social media are the training mediums of tomorrow and at the cutting-edge companies of today
  • Within three years, you will be using 80 percent to 90 percent less printed materials than today
  • Smart phones, tablets and iPad/iPhone are fast replacing other training devices on the job
  • Content must be compelling, relevant, usable and available anywhere at any time
  • Flip cameras and chunked video are bringing video training to everyone — think YouTube
  • Worry about the usefulness of content and less about the quality of capture
  • M-learning (mobile learning) is hot; iPhone, iPad and smart phone devices are driving it
  • Fast, cheap and easy is often more effective for student learning than fancy productions that overload the student and obscure the information
  • Alternative reality learning is gaining ground; avatars and games are becoming acceptable modes of learning skills and information
  • You can''t change is you don''t unlearn and relearn
  • It’s easy to miss what''s right in front of you if you are focusing on something else
  • There are invisible gorillas everywhere
  • Once you know what’s there, it''s difficult to see something else
  • We think others see what we see, which gets in the way of teaching and learning; our knowledge blinds us to what others see
  • Creativity provides the pool of ideas from which innovation flows
  • Daydreaming is okay and productive if you listen to and capture your thoughts
  • New knowledge fertilizes ideas
  • New forms of learning are replacing traditional ways of learning
  • Have students generate the content and it will stick much better than presented information
  • Lecture less and facilitate more
  • If you are confused and wondering, you are in a good learning environment
  • A new workforce is emerging
  • The workplace is changing faster than we can keep track of; everything is fluid and evolving
  • The next generation lives online
  • We are becoming accustomed to getting immediate answers to our questions
  • Seventy-five percent of teenagers don''t use e-mail or phones anymore, they text
  • The average worker today spends 2-3 hours a day looking for information
  • Social media is happening whether companies like it or not
  • Don’t send your ducks to eagle school
  • The world of games and work are merging
  • Games are bigger than TV or movies
  • Expect the gamification of the training and the workplace — it''s inevitable
  • There are more games on Facebook than anywhere else; some have over 70 million players
  • Learning is not something you do; it''s something you get if you create the right environment
  • Powerful stuff is dangerous
  • Games blur the line between simulation and doing
  • Game mechanics are a powerful new tool for job design
  • For growth and success on the job, you must innovate
  • Bites of small pieces lower the risk of failure
  • Once you do it, it''s the past
  • The best solutions come from the collaboration of generations
  • It''s not a war; its integration
  • What we tell ourselves has much to do with how we feel and see ourselves
  • Don''t park your brain on idle
  • A life well-lived reaches deeper than a few souvenirs
  • You must have the ability to think deeply into a problem
  • An eagle kills the dove not by strength, but by the angle of the attack
  • A great general wins the battle before he hits the field
  • The way we have done business in the past will not work anymore; now is the time for innovation
  • There will always be people are not convinced by the truth.

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