Still Cleaning by Hand?

Visit IPC Eagle at booth #1347.

IPC Eagle takes pride being able to offer ONE solution for all your cleaning needs and leading the industry in innovative ways to increase you cleaning power and productivity. IPC Eagle’s Cleano is no exception with cleaning professionals raving about how the Cleano allows them to clean windows, desks, tables, walls, and other flat surfaces in a fraction of the time, with much less effort.

There is a BETTER alternative to just a cloth and a spray bottle.

We here at IPC are dedicated to increasing your productivity; we know the hand is a small “tool” to use to clean ALL the surfaces above the floor. Think of all the windows, walls, desks, tables, counters, vents, elevators, display cases, escalators, mirrors, white boards, ledges, showers, lockers, cabinets…. you get the picture, there are a lot of surfaces to be cleaned. The Cleano is the perfect tool for any facility or industry including health care, schools, commercial office, restaurants, food service, retail, grocery, house cleaning, and transportation.

What is the IPC Eagle CLEANO?

ipc eagleThe Cleano is a self-contained tool with a solution container, unique atomizing spray valve, fixed or telescopic pole with a microfiber pad all in ONE. There are several different microfiber pads to adapt to every type of surface. Just spray, wipe and the surface is clean.

No more “We don’t do windows.” The Cleano is fast, rivaling some of the fastest window cleaners. No buckets, no chemicals, no spray cans or bottles. IPC has a special water bottle that will purify even the hardest of water to provide on demand purified water to clean spot free, allowing everyone on your maintenance staff to be a professional window cleaner. You can use the Cleano for jobs that are 2 feet up to 35 feet; allowing window cleaning to be done safely from the ground.

We created the Cleano because we realize just like you that there is much more square footage to be cleaned above the floor!

Better Solutions for Every Surface

IPC Eagle is your ONE source for cleaning innovation! IPC Eagle is a leading manufacturer of cleaning equipment and tools throughout the world.

Put us to the test!

Visit booth # 1347 at ISSA/INTERCLEAN or call 800.486.2775 today!

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Still Cleaning by Hand?
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