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Sky Pro release 12.6

December 06, 2010
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A new, “green” window cleaning system that can pay for itself within one year.
Sky Pro® Window Cleaning System is an automated window washing solution for high-rise window cleaning services and commercial building owners.
Shakopee, Minn. — Now there is a safe and inexpensive way to clean the windows, frames and exterior of high-rise buildings. It’s called the Sky Pro® Window Cleaning System, and it’s a technological breakthrough in automated window washing equipment. Depending upon which model you choose, the Sky Pro System will clean and leave windows crystal clear and spot-free at an incredible rate of 17,000 to 35,000 square feet per hour. At this speed, SkyPro equipment will pay for 100% of your investment within the first year. And, the Sky Pro System is safer and easier to use than manual scaffold and boatswain’s chair window cleaning equipment. See how the system works in these videos.
The Sky Pro® system delivers these benefits:
Fast return on investment (ROI)
Labor savings of 70-80%
Now a safer job; it’s easier to find and retain labor
Safely operates from the top of your building or from the ground
No rails or scaffolding needed— the system operates from existing roof rigging
Cleans the entire exterior; not just the glass
Uniform cleaning using only spot-free pure water—No chemicals required!
No buckets, chairs, squeegees or other objects that can fall
Cleans much faster and better than hand washing
Optional in-line water heater delivers hot water for removing stubborn stains
Potential dramatic savings in liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance
Sky Pro Window System is easy to install.
With the Sky Pro unit directly below the window section to be cleaned, simply connect the steel tether cable to Sky
Pro and the rigging system on the building roof. Any type of rigging system that meets the weight load requirement of the Sky Pro model being used is acceptable. This would include rolling outriggers, davits, anchors and rail hoist systems to name a few. Next, connect one end of the water and electrical lines to the roof top outlets and the other ends to Sky Pro unit. Don’t forget to put a water de-ionization tank or reverse osmosis system in line on the rooftop. These tanks are inexpensively rented from your local soft water company. They filter out all of the minerals and chemicals from the water so windows are left spot-free.
Next, you select the amount of water you want to spray on the windows by adjusting the water flow valve. Even at a 50% flow rate, enough water will be on the windows and building for the soft-touch foam brushes to clean thoroughly. An optional in-line heater can supply hot water to the unit to remove extra stubborn stains. Lastly, turn on the electrical switch to start the brushes rotating and begin cleaning.
A model for every kind of building. A model for every window washing need.
There are many standard models of the Sky Pro Window Washing System. The primary differences between them are single brush versus double brush models; and self-climbing versus roof hoist models. Single brush models effectively clean most buildings, but a double brush unit might be a better choice for buildings that need to be cleaned more than twice a year or have windows recessed from 5 to 8 inches into the frames.
Self-climbing models are better for buildings that have permanently mounted davits or anchors on the rooftop. This allows the rooftop operator to make a simple transfer of the tether cable from davit to davit without worrying about re-mounting a hoist motor on each davit. When a mobile rolling outrigger is used on the rooftop, having the hoist motor mounted on the outrigger is a better choice than self-climbing. Whether one brush or two, self-climbing or not, all standard models can be purchased in 8 ft., 12 ft., and 16 ft. lengths and come pre-set for either 110 or 220 voltage. In addition, all models are made from heavy gauge aluminum and powder coated to last for years. All motors are rated to 10,000 hours of use. The patented design plus dual fans ensure that the Sky Pro unit will hug the building for a superior, concentrated wash pattern. Balloon tires prevent damage to the windows and building exterior. Lastly, all Sky Pro models can be quickly disassembled into two pieces for easy transport on a flat bed truck on trailer.
Sky Pro Window System is easy to operate.
Using the Sky Pro System takes no more than 2 men to operate. When operating the roof-hoist model, one man is on the rooftop raising and lowering Sky Pro unit by operating the motor. He also moves the unit across the building by shifting the steel tether cable laterally from davit to davit. Once the Sky Pro unit has cleaned the windows and exterior by traveling from ground level to the top of the building, the man on the roof reverses the hoist motor, lowering Sky Pro unit to complete the wash cycle. A second man on the ground can help move the unit to the next section to be cleaned.
When operating the self-climbing model, the operator can be on the ground or on the rooftop to operate the wireless remote control. He also assists in moving the Sky Pro model from one section of the building to the next. Once up and once down is the best way to ensure spot-free cleaning of each building section.
Dozens of standard models that can be easily customized to fit your needs exactly
It’s easy to customize any Sky Pro model, so please contact us if you have a specific and unique requirement or building. Some customized features include a top mounted dryer blade; fiber, cloth and bristle brushes; water recycle collection system; specially-designed frame to fit unique window dimensions; and a unit fitted with special nozzles to spray a water based sealer on new concrete buildings. Customizing a Sky Pro is limited only to your imagination!
Sky Pro Window System is easy to maintain.
The simple, yet common sense design of Sky Pro allows the user to perform maintenance and repair quickly at a modest cost. For example, should a brush rip, it can be replaced in an 8- or 10-inch section rather than the entire length of the unit. If a brush motor fails, simply unbolt it and replace with a new
one. General maintenance is limited to periodic greasing of bearings, tightening of bolts and inspecting the steel tether cable for signs of stress.
Have a great ROI and go green at the same time.
If you are an architect, building owner, window washing company, building management or maintenance company, you should seriously consider investing in the Sky Pro System. Eliminating the danger associated with manual window washing, combined with a reduction in labor and insurance costs of up to 80%, make Sky Pro System the next logical step in window and building washing. The future will belong to “green” products and the Sky Pro System fits the bill by using only filtered water without any chemicals or soaps that can harm the environment.
The Sky Pro® Window Cleaning System is the perfect automatic window washing solution for high-rise window cleaning services and commercial building owners. For more information, visit or call Mike Dancha at 1-800-800-WASH.
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