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Restroom Care

Restroom Care Product Showcase

April 27, 2011
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Core Products Enviro-Solutions Procter & Gamble Professional
Thornell U.S. Pumice Xtreme Sponge CMI
Core Products Company Inc.

Effective Cleaning And Deodorizing
For All Surfaces

Hydroxi Pro® Concentrate from Core Products is effective on floors, tile, grout, ceramic, mirrors, metal partitions and all hard surfaces.

It deodorizes, too, with a fresh, natural citrus scent.

If more deodorizing power is needed, eliminate odors at the source with the ready-to-use, non-aerosol Green Logic™ Odor Neutralizer.

Both products are botanical-based, biodegradable, safe to use and easy on the environment.

Since 1976, Core Products has been a trusted manufacturer of premium cleaning products that handle almost every JanSan need.

Core is formulating for a clean future™.
Enviro-Solutions Ltd.

Make Restroom Odors A Thing Of The Past

Manufacturers can rave about their products, but what really counts is that the products work for customers.

Case in point: A 50-year-old rehabilitation center was having a serious restroom odor problem because of a high rate of incontinence among many patients.

Facility managers tried several products that failed.

Then, they used Enviro-Solutions'' ES920 CS, a green-certified bioactive restroom cleaner that actually eats away odor-causing germs and bacteria, as well as urine and fecal matter.

They found a solution in ES920 CS.

The rehabilitation center now purchases ES920 CS every month — and restroom odors are a thing of the past.

Procter & Gamble Professional

Simplify Your Restroom Cleaning

Procter & Gamble Professional''s Trusted Trio brands of Comet, Spic and Span and Mr. Clean feature highly effective multipurpose products that deep clean, disinfect and remove stains for a simplified restroom cleaning solution. With the Trusted Trio, cleaning professionals can tackle restroom cleaning at less than half the cost — based on a cost per case comparison.

Visit Procter & Gamble Professional online to learn more about the Trusted Trio clean.

Thornell Corporation

Get ''The One That Works'' For Specific Odor Jobs

Odorcide® from Thornell is now available in specific formulas for odors caused by cigarette smoke, fire and floods, dumpsters and chutes and laundry.

Just like the original formula, these new nonenzymatic products work instantly with no dwell time and are not affected by detergents and disinfectants.

Application is easy using tank or bottle sprayers, hose applicators, foggers or simply by adding to the cleaning operation as needed.

All Thornell products use our unique proprietary formula that permanently eliminates, not masks, odors on contact.

Ask you local distributor for Odorcide — “the one that works.”
U.S. Pumice Company

The Economical Way To Clean Hard-to-reach Places

The Pumie® FLEXI-SCOUR™ is a new product from the tried-and-true line of pumice products from U.S. Pumice Company.

FLEXI-SCOUR is a highly abrasive scouring screen that gets into those hard-to-reach-places other scouring tools can''t fit.

FLEXI-SCOUR offers a simple way to clean that requires no harsh chemicals.

Requires less space, produces less waste, is chemical free and environmentally friendly — FLEXI-SCOUR cleans those tight spaces on a tight budget.

To learn more about FLEXI-SCOUR, visit U.S. Pumice online today.

Xtreme Sponge, LLC

Extremely Easy Cleaning For
Tough Stains

The Xtreme Sponge is the best eraser product for cleaning tough stains.

Its unique design allows greater use of the cleaning material without tearing apart, while its durability strip allows users to continue to use the sponge without it falling apart.

Product offerings include the original Xtreme Sponge, a 3-layer industrial sponge, a 3-layer Xtra Power sponge and others to cater to your cleaning needs.

Save time and money cleaning tough stains with only water and a sponge.

Xtreme Sponge offers cleaning professionals huge savings no matter what size they are.

Contact Xtreme Sponge and start saving today.
Cleaning Management Institute

Carl Reeder Is The Floorman

Following the popularity of the Cleaning Management Institute''s (CMI) Chemical Safety Training Video, it was decided that one is never enough.

The popular custodian extraordinaire Carl Reeder is back to put a hilariously educational spin on hard floor care in the Basic and Advanced Hard Floor Care Training Video.

This new, two-part training video is not only a great complement to the hard floor care chapters in the Basic and Advanced Custodial Technician Training handbooks, but also functions as a stand-alone training digital video disk (DVD) on the various tools, equipment and techniques needed to properly clean and maintain hard floors.

Contact CMI today to learn about the discounted package deal that includes both the Basic and Advanced Hard Floor Care Training Video along with the Chemical Safety Training Video.

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