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Pulire 2011 – technology coming to a janitor closet near you

May 25, 2011
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VERONA, Italy — Certainly not today, but it''s only a matter of time before the items I’m highlighting here make it to your local distributor and finally to your cleaning closet.

Anti-microbials for odor and microorganism control

Genesis Biosciences is displaying its "biosanseries" of products, which includes microbial and anti-microbial products. It''s "ecard" product is designed to kill odors and prevent cross-infection related to sanitary napkin disposal units. Product features include:

  • Effective against a broad range of bacteria and virus, including hepatitis B, hepatitis C and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
  • Effective as a fungicide and an insecticide
  • Effective for four weeks
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • All-natural plant extract formula
  • Effective in lined and unlined units
  • Totally biodegradable product
  • Inexpensive and easy to use.

Hi-tech bio disinfection

One trend I’m seeing is new ways to clean and disinfect patient rooms in health care facilities. Multiple companies are exhibiting systems for spaying a disinfectant solution, mist or fog on to surfaces after cleaning for disinfection purposes. One system known as the clean cube uses hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and claims 99.99 percent bio disinfection.

Vacuum cleaners with expanded capability

I''ve seen several vacuum cleaner on the display here that offer new and interesting capabilities. One company has introduced a vacuum cleaner that has a floor pad attachment to give the machine polishing capabilities ( Another company is exhibiting what looks like a vacuum cleaner but is actually a micro-scrubber with a hose and hand tool that can be used for spills, furniture or windows. ( Another company is showing a unit with ultraviolet (UV) capability for killing germs in the carpet.

Micro autoscrubbers

They call them scrubber dryers here, but we know them as autoscrubbers. The latest trend is in size reduction. Many companies are now offering an upright vacuum cleaner size machine that can get under beds, toilet and partitions. In my mind, these small machines are not open up the use of autoscrubbers to all types of areas where a big machine doesn''t fit, but they, in reality, signal the end of the line for the wet mop. It''s only a matter of time. We can''t keep using dirty water and call it cleaning.

Solar panel cleaning detergent

Here''s a specialized detergent for cleaning solar panels, and the maker claims it has special ingredients that make it a protectant with anti-static capabilities that prevent dust accumulation, leaves no film on the surface after cleaning and can be used with manual or mechanical washing systems.

Riding dust mop and wet mop cart

This machine is battery-powered and runs for six to eight hours per charge and travels at up to five miles per hour. It can tow a wet mop pail on a trailer or trash bin and other items with a quick disconnect hitch.

Floor pads that clean with water only

You knew this was coming, one more threat to the chemical companies. The times they are a changing. Synclean Services offers an entire line of floor pads for scrubbing or polishing that need no chemicals, water only.

Indoor window/glass cleaning pole system

On the show floor, at least two different companies are offering a lightweight carbon extension pole system with a microfiber pad head for indoor glass and wall cleaning. The system allows the user to reach 20 feet to 30 feet with the pole yet control water application while providing effective cleaning action of a microfiber pad. or

Cleaning spreads around the world

Several new cleaning-related associations and publications are present at this year''s show:

That''s it for day two; one more day and then I''m off to see the countryside.

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