ProTeam Tip – Where to Use Cordless Vacuums for Greatest Productivity


Where to Use Cordless Vacuums for Greatest Productivity
Battery-powered backpack vacuums are an investment. As many cleaning programs add cordless vacuums to their arsenals for the first time, they are looking for the best places to apply the technology to get the greatest return on that investment. These universities have solved problems by using ProTeam’s cordless backpack, the GoFree Pro, in high traffic areas, areas requiring quiet cleaning, and areas where the cord is an obstacle to working quickly.

High Traffic
The Student Life Center at the University of Utah is a 181,000-square-foot complex that features a 50-meter pool, a four-story climbing wall, and a 15,000-square-foot fitness center. Due to the high traffic in the building, the center’s staff requested extra cleaning during the day when students are present, especially on the stairs and in the fitness center. ProTeam’s GoFree® Pro cordless backpack is able to easily maneuver workout equipment and clean the stairs without disrupting building occupants or presenting a tripping hazard. According to Custodial Supervisor Todd Stoneking, the cleaning power of the GoFree Pro in those areas matches his high standard of cleanliness on the rest of the campus.

ProTeamMarch15tipimageQuiet Cleaning
At the University of Hartford, many custodians work days in student housing. Each dorm floor has shared restrooms and stairwells on either end of a long hallway. As students may be in their rooms at any time, the cleaning staff needed a way to clean the hallway and stairs quietly. Cleaning consultant Rex Morrison recommended solving the problem with ProTeam’s newest cordless backpack vacuum, the GoFree Flex Pro. With a lighter weight and longer runtime than its predecessor the GoFree Pro, the GoFree Flex Pro runs at only 63.7 decibels, about as quiet as normal conversation, and was a perfect match for cleaning university housing without disrupting occupants.

Cord Restrictions
Morrison also recommended the cordless backpack vacuum for the University of Hartford’s lecture halls. These tiered semi-circular classrooms are more than 50 feet across—the length of a standard backpack vacuum cord. Without being restricted by a cord, the custodians were able to move up and down the tiered rows without stopping, saving time that would have been spent switching outlets to move to the other side of the room. The University of Utah has the same type of classrooms and found similar time-savings with their GoFree Pro backpack.

“The staff was spending two to three hours a day cleaning those classrooms. They have cut that back to do it with one 50-minute battery charge,” said Stoneking. “They’ve been very impressed with the GoFree in that building. It’s very effective in that niche.”

The GoFree Flex Pro has an approximate one-hour runtime and is 14 percent lighter than the GoFree Pro. For detail cleaning where the longer runtime is not needed, the new 6Ah battery option offers an approximate 30-minute runtime at a 23 percent weight reduction.

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Posted On March 13, 2015

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ProTeam Tip – Where to Use Cordless Vacuums for Greatest Productivity
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