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Promoting team chemistry

September 19, 2010
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To move companies ahead in today’s competitive marketplace, making sure everyone is working toward the same goal is imperative.

To ensure this is happening, company owners and managers need to promote a team effort to establish goals that everyone can see and move toward.

In football, the goals are easy to understand.

Every player, coach and fan can determine just how far their team is from the goal on every play.

They can see the short-term goals, like first downs, yardage markers, and the goal posts very easily.

Company plan
How about your employees?

Are the goals obvious?

Are the goals easily understood and posted so everyone can see the finish line?

Does each employee understand his/her role in helping the company accomplish those goals?

Or, are they trained, such as my first group of employees, to have to ascertain these answers for themselves, while I was frustrated at their lack of business understanding.

A sure ticket to the failure zone if there ever was one.

Keeping with the football analogy, we must also place our labor in the right roles.

Just as a left tackle is probably not the first choice to catch a long touchdown pass, everyone in the company is probably not the best choice for a frontline sales professional.

Just as each player on offense has a role in the completion of the short-term and long-term goals, every employee has the same role in the company.

It is the coach’s job to ensure each player is playing the right position.

Coaches or managers must assess the talent, outline the skills necessary at each position, and provide the vision of what accomplishing the goal will look and feel like to each individual, both personally and as a group.

Coaches and managers must also provide motivation and set up rules governing just how the goals are set, managed, and how employees conducts themselves in the course of goal attainment.

Tough decisions
When people fall outside the boundaries, each manager must have the courage to discipline them and try to get them back in line.

However, if deemed necessary, the manager must also assume the role of replacing those individuals with new personnel.

Managers are also in charge of team morale and chemistry.

This chemistry can be a difficult thing to assess, as witnessed in professional sports.

Over the years, in all levels of sports, even teams with a huge amount of talent do not win every game or each season.

When that happens in professional sports, the manager is usually blamed for not using the talent to its fullest potential.

I wonder what would happen to managers and owners in the cleaning industry if we use the same techniques.

Would the labor pool be better at what they do?

Would we accomplish our goals with greater ease?

Managers and owners need to realize that the techniques we use to drive each employee forward need to include the entire team, and that you are the coach.

Place each employee in an environment to help them succeed individually and the entire team wins collectively.

Dane Gregory is a business consultant and trainer specializing in working with companies in the professional cleaning industry. He currently trains technicians in the use of cleaning protocols for stone, tile and masonry surfaces for IICRC Certification. He also presents a business opportunity for newcomers in the cleaning industry in the care of ceramic tile, stone and grout, with a full equipment and training package. He can be contacted at, or contacted at

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