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September 19, 2010
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Customers have many choices when it comes to cleaning and maintenance services.

You market and advertise your numbers.

You set a brand image with your marketing and advertising efforts.

You supply uniforms to your workers and train them in customer interaction in the traditional message of putting the customer first.

Wasted time and effort
All that effort and time can be lost in a fraction of a second.

Do you realize the initial “action” necessary to have customers call us?

What is the first response to your advertising and marketing spending?

Your phone number is most likely your entire contact point of the cleaning world.

How much training time is given to phone-answering personnel?

An unanswered phone call, or worse a phone answered by an uninterested or rude receptionist can be a complete waste of marketing resources.

Try calling your phone number tomorrow.

Many phones are answered so quickly that the caller cannot understand the response.

Answering a customer’s phone call is more detailed and difficult than you might think.

Appearance matters
OK, so now you are mindful of the importance of answering customers’ phone calls.

But, you might be sending out properly trained workers that do not properly wear the company uniform.

They do not practice good hygiene or they appear to be unkempt.

I apologize for the human race right now.

I am sorry that people judge other people on how they behave or their appearance.

It is imperative that you monitor your company’s brand (uniforms and appearance) to ensure that you are sending the proper message to customers.

Have you thought of drug testing for employees?

Drug testing is a no-brainer to the professional company.

Building managers are suspicious of outside contractors that do not have any way to assure them of the honesty and integrity of their workers.

Drug testing is only a part of the professional credential.

What type of training program have your workers completed?

Are they the best in the field at what they do?

Do you have any way to document this?

Training programs that offer certification are a great way to start this process.

OK, we have the uniforms, people and training process correct.

Now let’s approach the job site and begin the cleaning process.

How does the equipment look? Is it damaged, dirty or otherwise unsightly?

Your “brand” image is that of a cleaning company.

It is understood that equipment gets used and sometimes gets old and worn out.

That equipment should be used as a backup only.

Provide fresh tools for a more professional image.

Train employees on ways to keep the cleaning equipment in top shape with a preventive maintenance program.

A work order tag can identify broken or ugly equipment to the repair staff.

Customers have many choices for choosing cleaning services.

Good, strong companies that understand how to establish a solid professional credential have more business because they employ systems that make monitoring these events easier.

Training can be a part of all programs.

A solid company manual and supervisors attuned to the slightest variation from the standard keeps everyone in line for success.

Dane Gregory is president and CEO of 3-D Corporation, which owns Dr. Clean Consultants, a company that provides technical and management training to companies worldwide. For more information, visit

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