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Window washer an interesting gig for some

September 14, 2009
SAN FRANCISCO — José Garza has a job that he not only finds entertaining, but is also crucial for the maintenance of skyscrapers — window washer, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
Working the last 22 years for building maintenance contractor Lewis & Taylor, Garza, a previous president of Local 44, the window washer''s union, has seen many interesting things on the job, the story stated.
Garza said: "I''ve seen a lot of things over the last 28 years. A naked woman. People making love. Sometimes they don''t care. They just close the drapes or something. But some of them get mad and call security. And when I''m cleaning the window I just pretend like I''m not looking at anything."
Garza, who has been washing windows with biodegradable soap for the past decade, says it takes roughly five minutes to clean a windowpane on a typical San Francisco high-rise building, the story noted.
Though the job is hazardous at times, especially on windy days, Garza, who rarely cleans the windows in his home, is willing to deal with any potential works hazards because his workday typically ends mid-afternoon, the story added.
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