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Window cleaners arrested during protests

April 7, 2010
MINNEAPOLIS — Three window cleaners were recently arrested as protests over the safety of their equipment entered a second week, according to Workday Minnesota.
A group of roughly 25 individuals, including window cleaners represented by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 26, blew whistles and chanted, "How many deaths does it take for window cleaners to be safe?" in the food court at Gavidae Common in downtown Minneapolis, the story stated.
Dino Crandall and James Miller of Marsden Final Touch Services and Travis Schneider of Columbia Building Services, who donned their safety harnesses and sat down in an act of protest for unsafe working conditions, were arrested for civil disobedience, the story noted.
According to the story, Marsden and Columbia locked out workers on March 29 when they raised safety concerns; the companies have not agreed to further negotiations.
The protesters say they truly want to return to work, but refuse to do so unless safety regulations are more closely followed to ensure the safety of themselves and their co-workers, the story added.
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