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Window cleaner helps customers go green

July 17, 2009
ALBEMARLE, NC — Albemarle Window Cleaning is launching a new green campaign that is assisting homeowners to make easy, cost-effective green changes, according to WCAV-TV.
Any changes and improvements are all about the return on investment (ROI); spending $100 to weatherize and insulate windows and doors will pay for itself in energy savings within the first year, the story stated.
Jim Harshaw, owner of Albemarle Window Cleaning, said: "One of the easiest things that a homeowner can do themselves, but we also do it for some of our customers, is install weather stripping. It makes a lot of sense in some areas financially. It makes a lot of sense for everybody conservation-wise."
According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), air leakage accounts for 10 percent of the average American''s energy bill.
Another easy green idea applicable to the summer months, according to Harshaw, is to install a rain barrel that can be used for watering plants and washing vehicles, which can save hundreds of gallons of water, the story noted.
Going green is a continual process and every effort, whether large or small, adds up and eventually pays dividends, the story added.
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